Ultimate UnWrap3D Tutorial

Carl E. Schou

September 30, 2003

Page 2 - Menus and Functions



The File and Edit Menus

The File menu, shown below left, has all of the usual functions for opening and saving files, and importing 3D models.  The OBJ, 3DS, DXF, LWO, ASC, and COB 3D formats are supported.  UnWrap3D also lets you generate the primitives shown in the expanded menu.  The Edit Menu, shown below right, covers the controls for moving or scaling the UV coordinates.







The 2D Tools Menu

The 2D Tools Menu is shown below.  It has some neat features like Soft Selection, which allow you move groups of UV points in the vicinity of the selected point much like a magnet tool.  Pack UVs rearranges the UV map to minimize the unused area in your texture map, giving the highest texture resolution for a given image map size.





The Relax UVs and Unwrap Faces Menu

The Relax UVs menu, shown below left, allows you to minimize texture distortion.  Untangle UVs can be used to correct overlapping UV points. 

The Unwrap Faces menu, shown below right, controls the type of unwrapping algorithm used, how the mapping is separated, and how it is scaled.





The 3D Tools Menu

The 3D Tools Menu contains the Interactive tools, shown below left.  The Modifiers, shown below right, include such useful things as the ability to flip normals.



The Select and Windows Menus

The Select Menu is shown below left, and the Window Menu is shown below right.






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