Ultimate UnWrap3D Tutorial

Carl E. Schou

September 30, 2003

Page 3 - Applying Reference Textures


Apply the Checker Pattern in the Material Editor

For the next examples, I used the Easter Island head model that I had built in Amapi for an earlier project.  The model was opened in Unwrap3D, selected, and a cubic map was applied.  To do this, the Material Editor was opened by double clicking on the Material listed at the right side of the screen.  Under Properties, the diffuse color was set to green as shown below.  




Under Maps, a checker pattern was applied to the Diffusion channel as shown below.  The size of the pattern was set by clicking the Properties button in Maps > Texture Maps > Diffuse Map and entering 30 for the U and V directions.  Aside from the checker pattern, the user may also apply a bitmap image, or other texture.  However, the checker pattern seems to give the best visual feedback when you are trying to minimize distortion.







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