This page contains interactive QTVR movies, as well as movies in more traditional formats.

If the QTVR format was used, right click on the thumbnail and select "Save Target As" to download the file to your hard drive. Clicking the file will open it in the QuickTime player which can be expanded to fill the entire screen. When the movie has opened, click and drag anywhere in the image to look left or right, up or down.
If you don't have a QuickTime player, you can download it here.

If the QTVR format is not mentioned, the movie may be viewed by left clicking the thumbnail. Navigation images/buttons leading back to this page or back to the home page are provided at the bottom of each animation's page.

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Robotic Shark Motion Study

Here are three views of a generic shark model, built in Amapi, and animated in Carrara using software I wrote to produce the anguilliform swimming motion used by eels and sharks. It's really more of a virtual robot than an animated model, because it's programmed to automatically turn to avoid objects in its environment
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This is an immersive panorama done in the QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) format. A still version of the panorama is in the Artwork section. The models were built in Amapi and Amorphium. The scene was rendered in Carrara and turned into a QTVR using the PanoCube program.
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Fun with Physics

Here is a continuous cannon, modeled in Amapi, and animated in Carrara. Don't try this at home, and remember to point away from your face when firing.
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Emergence (of the Evala Quadi)

Here is an animation using the spacecraft from the Teeth of Dawn image. The spacecraft was modeled in Amapi, and the backdrop was made using the Starbits program. A larger render of one of the frames from this animation is included in the Artwork section. Thanks to Patsy Adams for coming up with the name of the Eval-Quadi which I used in the title.