I started playing guitar at around age 15, and the desire to build my own electronic effects devices for the guitar was what first drove my interest in electronics and engineering. The music presented here was made in a studio I built up around an 8 channel Tascam tape recorder. Seven of the channels were used to overdub guitars, bass, keyboard synthesizers and other live instruments. The eighth channel was dedicated to a synchronization track used to lock in MIDI synthesizers and drum machines to the other seven channels.

To play the music, you have a couple of options. The easiest is to left-click the Download button to the left of the song you want to hear. With a left click, you may need to press the F5 key to refresh your system before the download starts. You can also right click the Download button and select "Save Target As" to save the MP3 file to disk, then play the file from there. Whichever method you use, you may get better results with the Windows Media Player. The Quicktime Player seems to have a habit of randomly skipping a beat at the start of a song, though that may be a problem with my setup.


The Propagation of the Waves

The Propagation of the Waves was written in 1991 and recorded in early 1992. The overall structure of the piece was worked out on an acoustic guitar I used to pack along occasionally on hikes through the West Woods trails in Guilford Connecticut.

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WindJammer is something I wrote and used to play with a few bands I was in back in the late Seventies and early Eighties. It was the last piece to be recorded in Connecticut, before I had to disassemble the studio in preparation for my move to Tennessee in early 1992.

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Rain Over Atlantis

Rain Over Atlantis was written and recorded in late 1991, and it was the first piece recorded in the new studio. I designed and built a new guitar distortion device called Ra to get a lot of the instrument voicings required for this piece. The idea for the title and opening theme came about during a brief light rainfall while I was kayaking outside of the Thimble Islands a couple of miles off the coast of Stony Creek, Connecticut.

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