Here is a sampling of some of the 3D graphics tutorials I've written which are hosted by DesignerToday.com, formerly the InternetEye3D. Most of these tutorials are also available as PDF files which may be downloaded by following the link at the end of the tutorial. TR>
Digital Seashells and some Programs that Build Them May 2007 PDF Not Available
Real World DEM Landscapes with Carrara and the Ground Control ImporterFebruary 2005 PDF Not Available
UV Mapping a Sailing Ship (or anything else) with Unwrap3DSeptember 2004 PDF Not Available
Building the Santa Maria with Nurbs in AmapiJuly 2004 PDF Not Available
Infinite Motion Loops in CarraraApril 2004 Download PDF
Fun With Physics in CarraraMarch 2004 Download PDF
Undersea Effects with Light Cones and Gels in CarraraFebruary 2004 Download PDF
Make a Weeping Willow Tree in Carrara Studio 3January 2004 Download PDF
Ultimate UnWrap3D Tutorial and Walk-throughOctober 2003 Download PDF
Build an Easter Island Statue From Photographs in AmapiAugust 2003 Download PDF
Build A Personal Spacecraft in Amapi Designer 7July 2003 Download PDF
Making Posable Models in Poser5 or Poser4 Pro Pack May 2003 PDF Not Available
Build a Well in Carrara and UVMapper ProMarch 2003 Download PDF
Build a Butterfly in CarraraFebruary 2003 Download PDF
The Fountains of CarraraJanuary 2003 Download PDF
Making Reptile Skin in BryceDecember 2002 Download PDF
Build a Sea Scorpion with Subdivision Surfaces in CarraraNovember 2002 Download PDF
Seascape Creation in Vue d'Esprit September 2002 Download PDF
Free Form Modeling in Amorphium Pro July 2002 Download PDF
Build a Battle Axe in OpenFXJune 2002 Download PDF
Building Volume Clouds In BryceMay 2002 Download PDF
Fractal Art with XenoDreamApril 2002 Download PDF
Building The Leaning Tower of Pisa in BryceMarch 2002 Download PDF
Modeling a Dinosaur in OrganicaNovember 2001 Download PDF
Painting a Dinosaur in Deep Paint 3DDecember 2001 Download PDF
Posing a Dinosaur in Poser Pro PackJanuary 2002 Download PDF
Bryce 5 Tree Lab & Landscape GenerationSeptember 2001 Download PDF
Making Waves in Photoshop and BryceAugust 2001 Download PDF
Building a Boolean Spacecraft in BryceJune 2001 Download PDF